Savoury snacks on the menu

In 2020/21 our SNP teams in Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti faced some challenges due to the pandemic,

School attendance champions

In 2020, TITEB committed to increasing school attendance on the Islands from 58.6% to 70% by

Rewarding partnerships

When local Tiwi organisations agree to host CDP activities everyone wins. On Bathurst Island, participants are

Healthy & delicious school meals

We know that a healthy, well-balanced diet can help children think clearly and feel more alert.

Back to School Day

We all know community life is complex, but if we all work together to instil the

Yellow Shirts

Remote Schools Attendance Scheme (RSAS) staff are known as ‘Yellow Shirts’. Yellow Shirts work with parents,

Yellow Shirts Day

Yellow Shirts Day is a whole community event. Community members can show their support by wearing

Every child, every day & every school

The law says that all children in Australia must go to school every day, Monday to

CDP Employer Engagement

2019 was an exciting year for the Community Development Program on the Tiwi Islands. Over 100

School-based Traineeships

Since 2015, we have been working with Tiwi College and the Staff and Educational Development Association

20th Anniversary Celebration

TITEB’s 20th Anniversary was held at Wurrumiyanga Community, Bathurst Island on 10th October 2019. We hosted

Tiwi Men Making a Difference

Men at all sites have been busy cleaning and mowing yards, doing community cleanups, assisting community

Success for Tiwi Women

The Women’s Centre at Wurrumiyanga has been transformed and now has a well-equipped kitchen. The women

End of Year Hampers

Tiwi families did well last year with ensuring that their children achieved 100% school attendance. Every

Day in the life of a Yellow Shirt

Trevor Wilson is a ‘Yellow Shirt’ (School Attendance Officer) for the Remote School Attendance Strategy at

Tiwis working hard for their community

Chris Brogan, CDP Engagement Officer talks about the important work being done by CDP participants at

Milikapiti Farm positions vacant

Would you like to work at Milikapiti Farm? Farm manager, Donald Wilson, says he currently employs

Donald’s dream come true

Donald Wilson spent 12 months with TITEB’s ‘work for the dole’ program. He is now Milikapiti

Come Back to School

Our Yellow Shirts will do whatever they can to help kids get to school. A big

School Nutrition Program

In 2017, TITEB took over management of the School Nutrition Program at Milikapiti School. It was originally

Kids eat well at school

School meals have made a big difference to attendance at Milikapiti School. Children used to wait