End of Year Hampers

End of Year Hampers

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Tiwi families did well last year with ensuring that their children achieved 100% school attendance. Every student with 85% to 100% attendance went into the draw to win the Yellow Shirts hamper. The hampers were big hit with all the schools and lots of children have set goals for 100% attendance for 2020.

Congratulations to all our winning students and their families:

Winners from MCPS: William Pupangamirri, Wayne Pilakui, Yasmine Puautjimi, Norma Tipungwuti, and Alexandria Tipungwuti. Not pictured: Olando Ullungura

Winners from Xavier Catholic College: Max Kerinaiua (Jrn), Kourtney Rimmer, Miriam Puruntatameri, and Jeremena Apuatimi.

Winners from Pirlangimpi School: Sheldon Kantilla, Sheldon Kantilla and Verius Bourke.

Winners from Milikapati School: Rayna Darcy, David Austral Jnr and Kaylon Brown. Not pitcured: Trish Tipiloura

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