Day in the life of a Yellow Shirt

Day in the life of a Yellow Shirt

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Trevor Wilson is a ‘Yellow Shirt’ (School Attendance Officer) for the Remote School Attendance Strategy at Milikapiti. Trevor starts his day ringing the school bell from one end of the community to the other. He encourages kids to come to school early to have a healthy breakfast at 8:00am followed by fitness and sport.

Trevor wants everyone to understand how many opportunities there are for kids who stay at school all day every day. They could grow up to be a teacher at the school, local council member, or shop owner. They also receive weekly rewards and special events such as discos, movie nights and interstate trips.

“The most important thing I want for them is to just to come to school and get educated,” says Trevor. “I tell the kids, the teachers are here to teach you. If you choose to play up just go home and I will speak to your parents after school.”

If Trevor has to take someone home, he talks to them about clearing their minds and coming back the next day ready to achieve something. He knows it can be hard to come back after an incident, but encourages everyone to remember: “Be positive, be safe. School is a safe place for everyone.”

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