Training & Employment for all Tiwi


The Tiwi Islands are located 80 km north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea. There are two islands, Bathurst Island and Melville Island with a total population of around 2500.

The Tiwi Islands Training & Employment Board (TITEB) is committed to strengthening the Tiwi community and economy. We work closely with employers on the islands to offer training and employment opportunities for Tiwi, as follows:

Community Development Programme (CDP) - Employment 

Helping employers to meet their skills and labour shortages.

Community Development Programme (CDP) - Activities

Activities for job seekers that provide a daily work-like routine, build skills and make a meaningful contribution to the community.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 

Deliver and assess certificate courses and other accredited courses focused on the needs of employers and job outcomes for the Tiwi Islands.

Group Training Organisation (GTO)

Group training can be completed under an apprenticeship or traineeship arrangement to meet workplace requirements.

Remote Schools Attendance Strategy (RSAS)

Working together with schools and community to ensure all children go to school every day.

School Nutrition Program

Providing nutritious food at recess and lunch time for kids at Milikapiti School.

Base map of the Tiwi Islands: Australian Geographic, Vol 48, 1997