B2M My Home music video

B2M My Home music video

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In August 2022, TITEB supported the production of Ngawurrakurlurumi (Let us grow) Tiwi Wellness Model, which was developed by Kevin Doolan of Red Cross Australia together with Tiwi elders.

As part of the project, Jeffrey Ullungura Simon (Yello) wrote and recorded the song, B2M My Home. The music video, featuring Tiwi young people enjoying Island life, has more than 38k views on Youtube. We would like to thank Simon Manzie of Global HQ, as well as Lorenzo and Marilyn Kerinauia (pictured) for their patience and generosity during filming.

The Tiwi Wellness Model was designed as a bilingual communications tool to be used in Tiwi schools. The presentation includes a powerpoint and short music clips illustrating good Tiwi values. Themes covered include:

  • Nginingawula Ngapangiraga (Tiwi talk)
  • Ngawurrayamangamiya (Respecting and looking after ourselves)
  • Awungana ngini papuranji ngamatamuwajirri? (How can we respect ourselves?)
  • Awungana ngawamamanta ngini nginaki ngirramini pupuni ngamatakirimi? (How can we make a good story?)
  • Ngawurrayamangajirri (Showing care and respecting each other)
  • Yingwampa ngawuntayapingintayi (Putting other people first and thinking about others)
  • Puranji-ngawurramuwajirri (Loving each other)
  • Ngawa-ngimpurumungurumi (We understand)

Please enjoy this taste of the Tiwi Wellness project, and contact Red Cross for further information.

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