Remote School Attendance Strategy


All families want a good education and a better future for their kids. The Remote School Attendance Strategy is about working together – with schools, families, parents and community organisations – to ensure all children go to school every day.

Contact: Hilary Dunn, Coordinator 08 8970 9176

There are 5 schools on the Tiwi Islands:

Melville Island

Pularumpi School

Pirlangimpi has a population of about 300 people. The school takes students from Pre-school to Year 8. At Year 6 or 7 many of the students leave to attend boarding colleges in Darwin, such as St Johns and Kormilda. Some of the students choose to go to the local boarding school, Tiwi College. 

Milikapiti School
Milikapiti Community has a population of about 450. The school has an enrolment of nearly 80 students from Pre-school to Middle Years. There are six teaching staff and a number of teaching assistants working together in classrooms. The school has a registered kitchen where the School Nutrition Program caters for healthy morning teas and lunches for all students.

Tiwi College
Tiwi College is a weekday boarding school located at Pickataramoor on Melville Island, central to the main communities of the Islands: Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti on Melville Island; and Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island. Current student enrolment is 100 students. 

Bathurst Island

Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic Primary School

Wurrumiyanga community has a population of 1600 people. Current enrolment at Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic Primary School is over 240, from Pre-school to Year 6. MCPS has a combined staff of 42, 30 of whom are Indigenous. 

Xavier Catholic College

Wurrumiyanga community has a population of 1600 people. Current enrolment at Xavier Catholic College is over 110, catering for students from Year 7 to Year 13. Year 13 is a flexible course of study for students of any age to complete credits towards the NTCET.