Embedded training

Embedded training

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RTO is taking a new approach to training in Language, Literacy and Numeracy and Community Services and Foundation Skills, providing ‘real world’ applied learning opportunities.

Women’s Sitting Area

As part of their Community Services course, Tiwi students have planned a Women’s Sitting Area under the mahogany tree at our Wurrumiyanga Training Centre. This project will be the focus for the rest of 2021, including landscaping, raised garden beds, privacy screens and seats around the tree, along with a small fire pit.

In preparation, several women have undertaken power and hand tool training with instructors from Batchelor Institute, and our Visual Arts students are planning artwork for the raised garden beds. Pictured is Micheala Tipungwuti with the toolbox she made as part of developing skills in preparation for the Women’s Sitting Area project.

Bush Medicine & Recipe Book

The move to embed Language, Literacy and Numeracy across Foundation Studies as non- accredited study has been a welcome change in direction. A highlight of this years’ Foundation Studies has been several visits to the local museum to see the bush medicine plants and translate them from Tiwi into English.

This will be an extended program, which allows individuals to create their own journals, and then collaborate and publish a booklet of traditional medicines and recipes for use.  Along the way, students have also been creating or updating their resumes, and practising word processing, emailing, Excel, digital recording and editing.

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