Think About Your Future Video

Think About Your Future Video

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Congratulations to Tiwi kids who made the most of their school holidays by joining in drama workshops and performing in our new ‘Think about your future’ video. Funded by TITEB RSAS, the project was highlight of the school holiday program and boosted engagement by Tiwi young people.

Throughout the week, discussion and role play games encouraged kids from each community to ‘flip the script’ from “Tiwi kids don’t think about their future” to thinking about the lifelong learning linked to goals and ambitions. The drama games, dress ups and acting were a fun way to explore these themes while creating video content.

The kids involved gained valuable exposure to elements of the film/media industry and new skills and confidence from the experience. While a number of kids involved in the process didn’t want to perform, everyone who did set foot in front of the green screen made it into the final cut.

Our props and Tiwi artist designs for backgrounds were purchased or used with permission from local art centres, and the music was licensed from local Indigenous musician, N-Fejo. Thanks to Mamanta for initiating this project, and to CatholicCare, Tiwi Islands Regional Council and Saltwater Bird Productions for their involvement.

Most of all, thanks to Tiwi kids for going to school and dreaming big!

Pictured: Sampson Puruntatameri joined in Mamanta filming day

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