Education is still number one

Education is still number one

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At the end of the 2021-22 financial year, Debbie Coombes, TITEB Director, Pirlangimpi, reflected on the year’s highlights and priorities for the future, including community engagement and involvement, and education.

I see that when TITEB hold, participate, or support any kind of advancement, such as the woman’s pampering days or the men’s group, it’s bringing the community together. Whether it’s to discuss men’s business, women’s business or have a big community event, it’s that engagement, that’s the highlight for me.

Good education is still a priority. The Back-to-School marches are always a highlight. Everybody is happy and you get family there, all supportive, and see the smiles on the kids faces because they’re happy to be back.

We had our Wellbeing Week on Melville (a week at Milikapiti and a week at Pirlangimpi) with the whole TITEB team there, everyone very supportive and working together. Having a big presence at these community events was a big highlight.

The community engagement and involvement from TITEB is what’s important, everyone working together. I think that has a big impact for the community, in a good way.

But education is still number one. If we want Tiwi to take over from TITEB staff in Darwin or on the community, they need the education first. Education is not only in the schools, but also having those career pathways, so people can work towards something, no matter how slowly, as long as they know where they’re heading. That is still big for me, that’s what we would love to see.

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