COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

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TITEB has settled into the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19 and remains committed to keeping COVID-19 out of the Tiwi Islands. As part of our COVID response we went above and beyond, investing $20,000 in commercial cleaning of every TITEB facility.

We maintain all appropriate health and safety measures, including hand hygiene, social distancing and face masks as required. In addition, we have seen a high take-up of the invitation to be vaccinated, with 72 out of 80 staff fully vaccinated by the end of July 2021. That’s 90% which is higher than the Territory or National vaccination rates. Well done team!


COVID-19 shutdowns have impacted trade school attendance, RTO staffing, training, and travel. It has also resulted in reduced sign ups, completion and slow progress of existing traineeships, including Certificate II in Community Services and Certificate II in Business. In December 2020, two school-based trainees completed their Certificate II in Business and were offered ongoing employment at Tiwi College in 2021.

We also continued to support Tiwi College Senior Young Men’s SEDA program, with five young men successfully completing Certificate II in Sport and Recreation. The program continues to produce responsible, work-ready young men, with many successfully transitioning into employment straight out of school.

Community Development Program

We would like to thank interim CDP Manager, Janelle Ainsley, who provided an important service on Bathurst Island during this difficult time with staff shortages due to COVID-19. Ultimately, the role of CDP Manager was split between three new positions: Matthew Watts, TITEB Services Manager (Melville); Craig Bate, CDP Projects Manager (Bathurst), and Joanne Bate, CDP Employment Services Manager (Bathurst).

In May, CDP policy changes were announced without consultation. After significant efforts to re- establish the CDP case load post-COVID, the sector had to process the reality of the new arrangements, which made participation voluntary. While job seekers will continue to be supported to find employment and work within their communities, we can no longer guarantee delivery of important community services. We have commenced discussions about how to incentivise CDP activities (pictured: CDP Participation Drive).

Remote School Attendance Scheme

After missing out last year due to COVID-19, our much-anticipated Yellow Shirts Back to School Day was held in April. It was fantastic to see such a big turnout, and record attendance at schools across the Islands. One of our important objectives is getting as many kids as possible to attend school on a daily basis. The future of Tiwi depends on education and the preservation of traditional culture.

Registered Training Organisation RTO 4742

During the 2020- 2021 reporting period, despite repeated COVID-19 disruptions, the RTO has continued to operate. In line with our intent to develop an enabling model of training and expanded participation options, the RTO has undertaken to co-ordinate as much external training as possible in addition to our own.

This approach allows us to offer nuanced and appropriate Language, Literacy and Numeracy training, and support trainees with training-related travel arrangements, personal protective equipment, job planning and advice. With enhanced flexibility we have been able to make our Community Services and Foundation Skills courses more relevant to Tiwi students, providing ‘real world’ applied learning opportunities.

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