Fish trap on Bathurst

  • Headstone Project team supporting Les Ullungura on the tools.

Fish trap on Bathurst

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On Bathurst, voluntary CDP participants make an invaluable contribution through projects such as the Mantiyupwi Community Fish Trap, the Wurrumiyanga Farm Project, and the Headstone Project.

Mantiyupwi Community Fish Trap

At a community meeting, the Mantiyupwi clan group were asked to build a community fish trap and a willing TITEB crew helped. Under leadership of Donald (Dookie) Benson it was decided that pine from the Old Forest near Four Mile Camp would work best, as this would not be eaten by mangrove worms. Traditional Owners were consulted, and the Tiwi Land Council granted permission for TITEB to harvest the timber.

Using chainsaw skills learnt last year, CDP Men’s Groups harvested 200 poles, which were stored ready for use. On the right tide, Dookie and small band of volunteers and the TITEB crew dug out the holes and stood up the timber poles.

Pictured: Fish trap construction, Donald (Dookie) Benson, Stewart Tipiloura, Richard Tipungwuti, Les Ullungura, Richard Tungatalum

Wurrumiyanga Farm Project

With an ABA grant, we were able to build much-needed accommodation at Wurrumiyanga Farm, as well as built an ablution block and a water filtration system to supply drinking water for farm workers and onsite security. As a result, TITEB can now expand farm operations. In Stage 2, the men will be trained in fencing and landscaping, another useful skill for the Wurrumiyanga community.

Headstone Project

TITEB identified a need for an alternative to the expensive headstones that are shipped across from the mainland, costing families thousands of dollars. Participants learned how to pour and polish headstones using locally sourced materials. The men have produced some stunning work and can now produce affordable headstones for the community.


1. Sophie Tipuamantumirri, Brigita Puautjimi, Ella Puruntatameri, Dianne (Louise) Kelantumama
2. Headstone Project team supporting Les Ullungura on the tools.

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