Stanley Tipiloura

Services: Board

Position: Director

Stanley Tipiloura is a young leader in the community. His is a Lorrila (Rock) man from Wulurankuwu (Milikapati area). Stanley joined the board mid-2016.

Stanley went to school on Bathurst Island, primary and secondary. He is a qualified mariner, able to work on barges, pearl farms and fish farms. He’s worked in all areas in Parks and Gardens, as Assistant Central Service Officer for Power and Water, and as a Marine Transport Coordinator.

Stanley is currently working as a Community Development Officer and Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) worker with the Health Department, providing education on drugs and alcohol. He is also a counsellor, father of three and a proud home owner. He never thought it would happen but all his hard work has paid off.

Stanley believes that his work experience and all the challenges he’s been through gives him insight into what’s missing and what’s needed – and that’s what he brings to TITEB. He wants to see TITEB delivering more training to get his people qualified and into real jobs, including management positions, health and small business.

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