Richard Tungatalum

Services: Employment,Job Seekers,School,Board

Position: Director

Richard Tungatalum has been on the TITEB Board since 2015. He is a Miyartuwi (Pandanus) elder from Wurumiyanga (Nguiu) and went to school at Xavier Catholic College before moving to Monivae College in Hamilton, Victoria for his final two years. He then completed the Certificate III in Business and Certificate IV in Mental Health and went on to work in Alcohol and Other Drugs and Mental Health.

Richard believes in the potential for Tiwis to move forward and gain employment as teachers, nurses, managers, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, nurserymen and forestry workers on the Islands. He would like see TITEB to develop a Career Pathways Program that begins with kids at school and identifies courses, training and apprenticeship opportunities for trades and skills that are in demand.

He reflected on TITEB’s progress in 2022:

This year was a difficult year for everyone on the Islands. With Covid and changes to the CDP we have to find new ways to engage the community to get participant numbers up. We need to hold regular community meetings attended by TITEB board members to let people know what is available and listen to what people need and want for their families and communities.

In addition to being a director of TITEB, Richard is Chair of the Tiwi Islands Regional Council, Tiwi Health Advisory Board member, Nguiu Store Board member, and ex-player and board member of the Tiwi Bombers.

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