Leslie Tungatalum

Services: Board

Position: Chair

Leslie Tungatalum is a Miyartuwi (Pandanus) elder. He went to school in Nguiu until he moved to Darwin where he completed high school at St John’s College. He then continued his studies with School of the Air studying climate, science, and history.

Leslie started working for the Nguiu Ullintjinni Association (NUA) before moving to Darwin to do sport and recreation, and TEABBA Radio training. On his return to Nguiu, he worked in the club as a bartender where he was Assistant Manager for 13 years.

Today, Leslie works for the Tiwi Land Council and is Chairman of NUA, Chairman of Bathurst Island Housing Association (BEHA), Tiwi Education Board member and President of the soccer club. He is committed to setting an amazing example for young people, to see them leaders of the community, making good decisions for our people, living and working, not sitting down.

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