Claire Pascoe: looking after our own

Claire Pascoe: looking after our own

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TITEB is pleased to welcome our new RTO Community Services Trainer Assessor, Claire Pascoe to the Tiwi Islands. Beginning with the Yellow Shirts (RSAS team), Claire will be delivering the Certificate II in Community Services across the Islands.

“Good trainers are in high demand in remote communities,” CEO Maria Harvey said.

“We achieve the same outcomes but it’s a completely different type of training, and the remoteness and isolation can be challenging for our staff.”

With a background in aged care and home and community care, including 15 years working as a trainer-assessor and 6 years in remote communities, Maria is confident that Claire has what it takes.

An enrolled nurse, Claire first came to the Northern Territory six years ago, travelling around for eight months before landing a job as Community Services Coordinator at Ngukurr. Prior to that she worked in Perth as a Home and Community Care Coordinator and trainer assessor.

For the last four years she has been working for Fox Education, delivering training to remote communities of the Central Desert. She has now turned her attention to the north.

“I want to give people the skills and knowledge to get steady employment and look after their own,” she said.

“I enjoy working on community, I have learnt a lot about myself, learned a lot about different cultures, and learned a lot about what people need.

“It’s very different to training in a classroom in a city or urban centre – with culture and language you have to be very adaptable.”

Claire is looking forward to getting to know Tiwi people and progressing training on the Islands.

“The Certificate II in Community Services is a broad program,” she said.

“It’s all about making communities self-sustainable and giving people the skills and knowledge to be able to have an income and look after their own.”

The Certificate II in Community Services will commence in the community in April. We are also expanding our training for the students of Tiwi College.

“I would love to hear from Communities across both islands about how we can work together. We intend to identify programs and build skills to enhance employment prospects.”

Please feel free to contact the RTO if you require specific areas of training for your organisation.

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