Women’s Centre at Pirlangimpi

Women’s Centre at Pirlangimpi

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The TITEB Women’s Coordinator in Pirlangimpi, Deborah Rasmussen, is making sure women are being trained up in what they want to do, skills that are beneficial to them and the community. “It’s not at the point yet where it’s self-sufficient, but that’s the eventual goal,” she said.

Sewing is a big focus. Women sew a lot of clothes and it saves them a lot of money. They love their skirts and handbags, they make babies’ clothes and clothes for their families, clothes for funerals. They do a discounted price for Tiwis, or women can come in and help make their own.

Once the shop is selling more, the women will get the customer service and money-handling skills. They would like to get computers so they can learn online ordering and finance. Eventually, they’d like a beauty area for hair and make-up.

The Women’s Centre is about having a hub where everyone feels comfortable and has some fun. All the money they make goes back to the Women’s Centre so it’s a good incentive. The more people they have making and selling things, the more money they have to take people to the Darwin Art Fair, or the Fashion Show.

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