Tankerman position available

Tankerman position available

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Located on Melville Island, Port Melville was built in 2013/14 as a common user port with the main activities being the shipping of woodchips and bulk fuels. Despite the recent slow down in the gas and oil industry, Port Manager, Lindsay Whiting is hopeful that over the next few years Port Melville will become a significant employer on the Tiwi Islands.

Port Melville already employs cleaning and maintenance staff, and is on the lookout for a suitable candidate to be trained as a tankerman. Lindsay is looking for the right Tiwi guy for the job.

The position of tankerman requires someone who is responsible and committed to the job long-term. Training will be provided, and you will need to pass the drug tests. If you are interested in a career at Port Melville, please get in touch with TITEB.

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