Keeping Culture Alive – Wurrumiyanga Women’s

Keeping Culture Alive - Wurrumiyanga Women’s

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This month Wurrumiyanga Women’s Activity have been busy preparing for their bush trip. This week they are going for Pandanus and root collection for weaving mats and baskets.

The group headed for the dirt road past the Wurrumiyanga farm where they stopped and began to walk through the bush to find the right plants. “We walked a fair way into the bush as the ladies wanted to get the plants where the ground was soft from the bush fire” explained CDP Coordinator Jackie Mcskimming                                                           The ladies strip the leaves and then boil the roots to make different colours which can be a tedious process. The trip continued Tarntippi Beach where the women collected sand for the fire-pit at the centre.

Over the next 4 months the Wungatunga Women will be visiting the Centre ever week to teach the weaving, singing songs and cultural stories. A great initiative for sharing Tiwi cultural education.  

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