Tiwi College Apprentice’s

Tiwi College Apprentice's

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Pictured above are two of the Tiwi College based teachers assistants(KK and Bobette) who recently purchased new laptop for their Certificate 111 in Education Support Studies.Tiwi College Teachers Assistants are completing Cert III in Educations Support through Apprenticeship arrangements through TITEB’s GTO. Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (BIITE) are the Registered Training Organisation for this qualification, BIITE lecturers visit the Tiwi College to deliver face to face training when possible however most training is done remotely online and via phone with support from Tiwi College teaching staff. In 2018 we hope that the teachers assistants can travel to Batchelor College to complete some face to face training at BIITE Campus. Wishing all Tiwi College Trainees and Staff a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to continuing our support in 2018.

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