2018 Youth Forum Wrap Up

2018 Youth Forum Wrap Up

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This year Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board launched the first ever Young men and women’s youth Forums on the Tiwi Islands. The ‘Tiwi Towards 2038’ initiative focused on encouraging, exploring and finding ways to motivate the future Leaders.

Each forum was opened by the current leaders and elders of the communities. The songs and dances inspiring the minds of our future Tiwi leaders. Various elders spoke and told stories about their upbringing and the struggles they faced growing up, their achievements and success. Each encouraging the youth to dream big and use TITEB to support their journey. 

Managers from every TITEB section all spoke about the opportunities that TITEB has and about the opportunities on the islands for education and employment. With the attendance flowing strongly throughout the groups it was a great indication that our Young men and young women are ready to prepare themselves to be the next generational leaders. 


The ‘Tiwi Towards 2038’ initiative was brought in to ensure that the future Tiwi leaders as knowledgeable as they can be. TITEB Chairman Leslie Tungatalum says,” I would love more young ones to further their education, and to go to university.” We cannot wait to see what these future leaders achieve over the coming years. 

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