TITEB Gives You Choices

TITEB Gives You Choices

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Michael Heenan really appreciates the support that TITEB has given him over the years. He really likes working in the sun and sweating it out a bit, so his first job was at the farm where he became a supervisor, and then construction of the Women’s Centre. He’s done as many courses as he can manage, including Horticulture Certificate I and II, a supervisor course, chainsaw course, and Certificate II and III in Construction.

Today, Michael works at Tiwi Design as a groundsman. He also helps out collecting wood for the artists and is learning to do culture sculptures and carving. With Tiwi Design about to commence a new construction project (the Bathurst Island Cultural Precinct) there’s a chance Michael will get back on the tools. As part of the initiative, Tiwi Design will be engaging workers in the demolition and construction phase of the project.

Meanwhile, Michael’s pretty pleased with his newly-found carving skills: “This is my first dugong I ever made. I haven’t done anything like this before but coming down to Tiwi Design, this is what you can achieve, show your skills and you can learn new stuff. That’s one thing good about going to TITEB, you know they give you lot of activity and there’s lot of choices that you can make.”

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