High Attenders Awarded

High Attenders Awarded

Categories: Job Seekers, Pirlangimpi

Looking back at 2017 we thank all of the jobseekers and staff for an eventful and great year!

Every day our staff work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that our jobseekers attend and achieve great outcomes in the activities sectors.

Last year Pirlangimpi ’s manager Matt Turner organised an attendance system that would award the highest attenders. For the last 3 months calculated at the community Ningle Galarla and Louis Tipungwuti both received hampers which included the following:

– Prepaid power card $50

– Food voucher $100

– Fishing gear

– Bluetooth speaker

– Kids toys

– Christmas tree, decorations wrapping paper etc

– Blow up swimming pool and pump

– Camping mat and cups

We hope that the rewards system encourages everyone to get around and attend every day! In 2018 we aim for amazing attendance once again!

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