Bringing Up Great Kids Program – Relationships Australia

Bringing Up Great Kids Program - Relationships Australia

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This year past year and a half Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board’s activities have been partnering with the ‘Bringing up Great kids’ (BUGKs) program run by Relationships Australia. The program has been successfully run in Milikapiti, pirlangimpi and Wurrumiyanga with great attendance, for both the men and womens programs.

Kelly Vains runs the program and is currently seeking 2 Tiwi workers to train as BUGKs facilitators so that the program can eventually be co-facilitated with Kelly and Tiwi Workers.

In the program, they look at various fields around caring for children. They review better ways to talk to children, Learning about respect between children and parents/care givers, how to look after yourself among other relevant areas when it comes to family relationships.

Both men and women on the Tiwi are all enjoying their time and experiences with the program. We thank Kelly and her team for allowing our centre’s to take part in the program and we look forward to seeing more progress in 2018.


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