TITEB helps with “gruelling” job application process

TITEB helps with "gruelling" job application process

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Port Melville, Port Manager, Lindsay Whiting, is grateful to TITEB for their help to complete a “gruelling” employee application process when he needed a position filled within a week. The process can be challenging, especially when ID, passports and licences need to be produced.

“You don’t have Births, Deaths and Marriages down the road. Everything needs to be done on the Internet. It takes time to get these things through,” he said.

Family is very important to Tiwi people, who often have family on the Tiwis and in Darwin. Like many Tiwi employers, Lindsay is committed to providing flexible work arrangements for his employees.

“I try not to push them with their hours of work. As long as they are doing the hours that I need during that week I’m pretty flexible between Monday to Friday.”


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