Claver is still going strong

Claver is still going strong

Categories: Employment, Job Seekers, Milikapiti

When most men would have retired from manual labour, Claver Warlamerapui is still still firing on all cylinders and holding down a full time job. He’s 61 and fitter than people half his age, still working, still making money.

Claver is our CDP Men’s Activities Supervisor in Milipapiti. He sets a good example for around 19 men working on CDP projects by getting on the tools and showing the young ones how hard the old Tiwi worked. Hopefully they will follow in his footsteps.

At Milikapiti, Claver is teaching the men how to use the sawmill to make slab furniture out of mahogany from a tree cut down at the school. We are proud of the beautiful seating they have created at the airport and around town.

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