Job Seekers

CDP works for the community

TITEB CDP Supervisor, Patrick Puruntatameri supervises around 90 men doing wonderful work for the community of

Learn skills that lead to employment

TITEB wants to see Tiwi people working and participating in community life, helping to build a

Sistagirls get to work

Mark Babui is one of three sistagirls working at the Pirlangimpi Women’s Centre, designing and making

Red Cross Hosted Activities

Employers are encouraged to host CDP Activities where job seekers can build capacity and skills for

Women’s Centre at Pirlangimpi

The TITEB Women’s Coordinator in Pirlangimpi, Deborah Rasmussen, is making sure women are being trained up

Working at Milikapiti School

Milikapiti School Principal, Katherine Leo, would like to see more local people working at the school,

Volunteering Leads to Work

The Red Cross hosts CDP activities, which means that CDP participants help out with Red Cross

Working at Tiwi Design

If people are are looking for meaningful work, Tiwi Design will find a place for them.

Cultural Tourism Project at Tiwi Design

As Manager of Tiwi Design, Steve Anderson works closely with TITEB who have been supplying a

TITEB Gives You Choices

Michael Heenan really appreciates the support that TITEB has given him over the years. He really

Working at Manupi Arts

Manupi Arts and TITEB work closely together. Many local artists work at Manupi, and CDP participants

CDP Leads to Employment

Michelle Woody Minnapinni desperately wanted to work, so she started with TITEB. Her goal was to

Overcoming Barriers

TITEB has some real success stories on staff in Milikapiti. Michael Page runs the hydroponics and

Claver is still going strong

When most men would have retired from manual labour, Claver Warlamerapui is still still firing on

Developing Job-skills

Chris Brogan works for TITEB in Milikapiti delivering the message that CDP activities are not all

CDP Employment

On the Tiwi Islands, permanent jobs can be hard to find. Many working-age Tiwis have Centrelink