A prosperous future for all Tiwi


The Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board was established by the Tiwi Land Council to coordinate all training and employment activities on the Tiwi Islands. The Board is owned and managed by a Tiwi Board of Directors.

The Board is nationally registered until 2018 as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Quality Training Framework. The Board also manages one of only two NT funded Group Training Organisations operating a new apprenticeship scheme.

Our Vision

A prosperous future for all Tiwi through lifelong learning and skills development.

Our Mission

The Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board’s mission is to ensure economic and social development by enhancing access to, and the quality of, Education and Training to better equip Tiwi for work and leisure activities on the Tiwi Islands by:

  • Creating an environment in which the education system responds to the wishes of the Tiwi so that the system fully integrates with the mainstream education system of Australia, whilst recognising and facilitating particular and special educational needs of Tiwi.
  • Developing and delivering Vocational Education and Training so that the Tiwi have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and aptitudes needed to fill employment positions on the Tiwi islands.
  • Facilitating and supporting the entry of Tiwi into employment through the creation of businesses and enterprises.
  • Identifying and providing Adult and Community Education programs to cater for the needs of non-vocational training.

Our Values

  • Ensuring that every Tiwi has the opportunity to learn his or her own culture, the history, traditions and language, and the importance of Tiwi land and its bountiful natural resources.
  • Making a positive difference to the future economic and social wellbeing of all Tiwi.
  • Ensuring Tiwi enjoy a standard of education which is no different to that of mainstream Australians.
  • Providing opportunities for Tiwi to gain employment that is satisfying, rewarding and complimentary to Tiwi culture.
  • Encouraging ownership of the TITEB by Tiwi.
  • Developing and sustaining a learning culture that improves the quality of life for Tiwi in harmony with their developing ambitions.
  • Ensuring that Tiwi are given the opportunity to take control of education and training activities in determining their own destiny.

Key Objectives

The strength of the Tiwi community and economy is directly linked to employment, which depends on having training and employment opportunities available for the Tiwi.

  • Identify and respond to the education and training requirements of enterprises and the Tiwi by planning, coordinating, purchasing and monitoring the outcomes of education and training in collaboration with the Tiwi, enterprises on the Tiwi Islands and other registered training organisations.
  • Provide advice to Tiwi schools and Tiwi Regional Forums on education and training reform issues and pathways to meet future skill requirements.
  • Conduct research and manage projects to facilitate innovation in education and training.
  • Involve Tiwi in the development and management of strategic and operational planning processes.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for all TITEB and ancillary staff.
  • Implement quality processes, procedures, and evaluation tools to ensure continuous improvement in the TITEB operations.
  • Enhancing employment opportunities for Tiwi through the creation of businesses and enterprises and management/operation of the Group Training.